Friday junior!



Metcon (No Measure)

Every 5min. X 4 Rounds:

400m Run

20 Alt. DB Snatches 45/30

10 DB Power Cleans 45/30s

Max Toes-To-Bar until the 4min mark…

Rest 4min.

12min AMRAP:

30 Double Unders

15 Russian Twists 35/25lb DB

30 Double Unders

15 Weighted Sit-Ups w/ same DB
If you can hit that first part at 50/35 please do! I just want everyone to have time for TTB. If you read it correctly, you’ll notice that 1min rest is programmed in 😉

On the second part, pick a weight that you can move quick through. If 30 double unders is too much then cut it to 20 or even 15 depending on where you’re skill is at. Can’t do dubs? Let’s do 5 attempts each time 🙂

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