Pump Day!



Metcon (No Measure)

21min. EMOM:

Min 1.) 10 DB Bench Press 45/25+

Min 2.) 10 Back Squats 135/95

Min 3.) 12/9 Cal Assault Bike

Rest 5min.

3 Rounds:

1min. of DB Hammer Curls

1min. of DB Skull Crushers

1min. of Push-Ups

1min. Rest

*Shoot for the same DBs for both movements and don’t rush the movement. Good form and time under tension is more important then reps on movements like this 🙂
*Barbell is coming from off the ground on part 1. Some of you may use the actual bench instead of the DBs if you like. Just need a few of you to share it.

*15/12 Cal Bike for advanced

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