Friday – 5/17/19

CFD – CrossFit

Cardio Strength

Power Snatch

Every 2 min x 8 Rounds

10/7 Cal Bike

3 Power Snatch

-> Inc. Wt

-> Focus: flat back, fast & aggressive turnover

-> We will obviously double on bikes if class has more people than bikes. As soon as partner is done with bike hop on and don’t worry about resetting the bike. Purpose of the bike is to spike your heart rate before moving weight. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.


Metcon (Time)

For time

Buy-in: 100 Double Unders


DB Snatch 50#/35#


Cash-out: 100 Double Unders
T2B scale: straight leg to midline (work on the kip!), K2M, V-ups

Double Unders: x1 Singles, 1/2 Struggle unders

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