Friday – 5/24/19


Memorial Day Murph!
Doors open at 7am
First heat will be at 7:30am and will continue running every half hour with the last heat taking place at 9:30am
Bring a friend

Don’t forget there will be a cookout afterwards hosted by WODing Warriors until noon

CFD – CrossFit


Hang Snatch + OHS (6x 1+2)

Every 1:30

Increasing weight

1+2 = 1 hang snatch and 2 OHS

-Work on being patient through the last pull and GET TALL (fully extend)

-Punch the bar to the ceiling thinking about your fists more than your arms

-Pull yourself under the bar

-Overhead Squats: think about ACTIVE SHOULDERS, armpits facing forward, and inside of elbows in line with ears


Snatch deadlift + high pull (4×3)

100% 1RM snatch

Same weight across

Every 1:30

-Work the pulls of the snatch from the floor and then explode up on the “high pull” portion.

-Hang on to the bar and reset at the bottom each rep


Metcon (No Measure)

EMOM for 12 min

(1) 30 Dubs + 5-7 Strict Dips

(2) 30 Dubs + 5-7 Strict Pull-ups

(3) 30 Dubs + 5-7 Strict HSPU
The idea today is to build strength in the gymnastics movements. You should struggle, and even fail, before going to kipping.

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