Friday Sweat


Memorial Day Murph!
Doors open at 7am
First heat will be at 7:30am and will continue running every half hour with the last heat taking place at 9:30am
Bring a friend

Don’t forget there will be a cookout afterwards hosted by WODing Warriors until noon



Metcon (No Measure)

“The Big Sexy”

16min. EMOM: “Arms”

Min. 1) 12/9 Cal Row

Min. 2) Max DB Skull Crushers

Min. 3) 12/9 Cal Row

Min. 4) Max DB Hammer Curls

Rest 3min.

16min. EMOM: “Legs”

Min. 5) 12/9 Cal Assault Bike

Min. 6) Max Close Stance DB Front Squats 50/35lb.

Min. 7) 12/9 Cal Assault Bike

Min. 8) Max DB Deadlifts 70/50s
We haven’t done this in a while 🙂

* For the “Max” sections, try and work for 40sec. so you get a little rest. And don’t go fast on the movements today. Keep form and time under tension a priority.

* On the DB front squats you only need 1 DB held vertically in front of you.

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