Saturday – 7/12/2019

CFD – CrossFit


Metcon (4 Rounds for time)

Teams of 2

9 minute rounds, each for time:


40/28 Cal Bike

60 Box Jumps 24″/20″

30 Power Clean and Jerks 115#/75#


40/28 Cal Bike

60 DB Snatch 50#/35#

24 Power Clean and Jerks 135#/95#


40/28 Cal Row

60 T2B

18 Power Clean and Jerks 155#/105#


40/28 Cal Row

60 DB Overhead Lunge 50#/35#

12 Power Clean and Jerks 185#/125#
Each section is for time. Record the time for each round. For any unfinished reps, add one second to that rounds time

If you are not finished with the round and have only 30 seconds remaining, then stop and prepare for the next section

Split the work evenly

Box jumps: we encourage stepping down after every jump. Rebounding is a lot of stress on the Achilles.

DB Overhead Lunge: Split the work evenly between both of your arms.

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