Wednesday Sweat



Metcon (No Measure)

0-9 min…

1 Mile Run

9-19 min…

100 DB Push Press 50/35s

*5 burpees EMOM

*Start with burpees

19-29 min…

2000m Row

29-39 min…

100 Renegade Rows 35/20lb.+

*EMOM 5 push-ups in your DBs

*Start with push-ups
Part 1.) Go fast and earn that rest break! If you jog it’s not nearly the same workout.

Part 2.) You may use a barbell with 95/65 or 115/75lb. if you’re proficient with the bar.

Part 3.) Same as Part 1

Part 4.) In your plank position with the DBs in your hand, complete 5 reps on the right and then 5 reps on the left until you hit 100. QUALITY is important.

*If you finish anything super early, you may do sit-ups until the time is up or an ab movement of choice.

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