Tuesday – 10/1/2019

CFD – CrossFit


Sot’s Press (3×5)

->Get comfortable being uncomfortable in this position
Exaggerate your lockout

Increase weight if you are comfortable


Snatch Balance (6×2)

Increasing weight

Every 1:30

Work on dropping fast and punching your arms. Arms have to punch hard here!

This is a snatch balance, so you are allowed to begin the lift with a push press dip


3 Position Snatch (Shin/Above Knee/ Mid Thigh (5x(1+1+1))

Increasing weight

Every 2 min

The first position, with a 3 second pause at the shin.

The second position, holding for 3 seconds above the knee.

The third position, with a 3 second hold at the mid thigh.


Metcon (Time)

For time

50/35 Cal Bike

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