Saturday – 11/30/19

CFD – CrossFit

BEAT ❌ichigan


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Tea❌s of 3

A❌RAP in 25❌in

90 Bar facing burpees

90 Power cleans [95/65#]/[115/80#]
75 Bar facing burpees

75 Power cleans [115/80#]/[135/95#]
60 Bar facing burpees

60 Power cleans [135/95#]/[155/105#]
45 Bar facing burpees

46 Power cleans [155/105]/[185/125#]

-One tea❌ ❌e❌ber is always rowing and work can not be co❌pleted by the other tea❌❌ates unless so❌eone is on the rower.

-Once all reps are co❌pleted the re❌aining ti❌e everyone will row for ❌ax calories

-Score is calories

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