Q Day 5 – 3/20/20

CFD – Distinction @Home

Warm-up and workout brief


Warm-up (No Measure)

Go for a jog or spend a few minutes jumping rope



10 Good mornings

10 Thrusters

10 Overhead squats

-All of these movements use a pipe/broomstick/swiffer/whatever is available


5 Sumo inchworms + push-up

10 Lateral lunges

10E Leg swings


Metcon (Time)

For time

80 Step-ups

80 Dips

80 Bent over rows

80 Russian twists

80 Hand release push-up
-Step ups and dips use what is available to you; a box/bench/chair

-Bent over row using DB/KB or some other kind of weighted object

-Russian twist DB/KB or no weight

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