Thursday – 12/2/21

CFD – CrossFit


Metcon (Time)


3x 400m/350m Row (Sprint)

-Rest 1:30 between-

2x 800m/700m Row

-Rest 3:00 between-

1x 1600m/1400m Row
Can row, bike or ski for the workout

400m should be a sprint with the aim to finish in around 1:20-1:24

800m should be at an aggressive pace with aim to finish in <3:00
1600m should be similar to your 2k PR pace

Extra Credit:

Take a 6 minute rest after the 1600m row and perform:

4×200 m row

-Rest :40s between-


Sot’s Press (3×3)

Every 90 seconds

Small increase in weight

Snatch Push Press (2-2-2-2-2)

Every 2 min

Increasing weight

From the floor or the rack

Snatch Muscle Under (3-3-3)

Every 90 seconds

Small increases in weight

From the floor and finish in squat

Snatch (2-2-2-2-2)

Every 2 min

Increasing weight

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