CrossFit – Thu, Nov 17

CFD – CrossFit



Metcon (No Measure)

Teams of 2

3 Sets, each


Calorie Ski

Burpees to a target (6″)
Time cap overall: 36 minutes

Time cap per set: 6 minutes

Goal time: <30 minutes Partner A will complete the whole 21-15-9 while Partner B rests.  Once Partner A finished, then Partner B will complete the 21-15-9. Burpees can be subbed for calories on any other machine



Zots Press (3-3-3-3)

From the floor or rack

New set every 90 seconds

Increasing weight (small), but last set should be challening

Snatch (7 sets x 1+1)

Complex: 1 Pause Power Snatch + 1 Pause Hang Snatch

New set every 2 minutes

Pause in the Power Snatch is 2 seconds at the knee

Pause in the Hang Snatch is 2 seconds in the catch

Increasing weight as you feel comfortable

Open Gym

All Day

1. Make up a missed workout

2. Work on a weakness. Strength or skill

3. Mobility

4. Rest

5. Deck of cards

Split Jerk (EMOM for 10 minutes x 1 Rep)

Increasing weight

From the rack

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