About CrossFit Distinction

Welcome To Crossfit Distinction

CrossFit Distinction is not a typical “gym.”  We value our outstanding coaching, our strong and supportive community, and our commitment to your results. Our strategic programming is constantly varied because for true fitness, routine is the enemy. Our success is built upon your results.  We refuse to sign you up and then be indifferent as to whether you show up or not.  We expect you to train on a regular basis and we notice if you don’t.  Your long term health is our passion and you will be challenged to bring your best effort consistently.

We cost more than a commercial gym.  Our results are resoundingly superior. You will lose body fat, improve your metabolic conditioning, and add lean muscle. You will learn to do things that you have never done before. You will learn good mechanics first, establish consistency and finally, build intensity. You will become part of a community of motivated individuals who inspire and encourage each other.

CrossFit Distinction meets you at your current level of fitness and scales the program appropriately.  Whether male or female, fit or out of shape, young or old, strong or weak, or somewhere in-between, we are passionate about helping you.  Your goals are our goals. You will move better, feel better and look better.  You may be amazed by the feats you will achieve.  We won’t be.


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